Best Affordable TV Stands For 32 Inch TV

A TV stand is not only a piece of furniture where you can place your TV, but also a decoration in your room and a sign which manifests your taste. In this case, choosing the right TV stand for your TV and your living room is quite important.

This article may show you a way to the best stand for 32 inch TV. Since there are plenty of TV stands of different material, different style, different features and different prices in the market, you might be confused. I would recommend you to read our article in order to have a general idea about the types of TV stands and choose the the best one for your 32 inch TV.

Reading this article won’t take you too much time, but it would bring you more thanyou want. You will see those best-sellers in Amazon with the reports of users. Let’s get down to brass tacks, I will begin to tell you about how to choose the best TV stand for 32 inch TV.

Black Friday’S Best Deals;Find The Best TV Stand for 32 inch tv

Comparison chart: Best Affordable TV Stands For 32 Inch TV In 2017

Since the products in the market are updated ceaselessly, this chart will keep up with the market and the trend. All these best-sellers come from Amazon. I have spent several days in order to offer you the best TV stand for 32 inch TV with the best reputation. In a word, take a look at the following details and you will have a general idea about choosing the TV stand.

Cheap tv stand for 32 inch tv
  • Sauder August Hill Corner Entertainment Stand
  • Tvs up to 40-inch
  • 39.3 x 19.5 x 23.6 inches
  • 433stars
Cheap tv stand for 32 inch tv
  • Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console
  • Accommodates TV Up to 48 Inch
  • 16 x 48.5 x 16.8 inches
  • 433stars
Cheap tv stand for 32 inch tv
  • Sauder Palladia Panel TV Stand, Select Cherry Finish
  • Accommodate TVs up to 50 inches
  • 47 x 18.9 x 24.4 inches
  • 433stars

Cheap tv stand for 42 inch tv
  • Sauder Beginnings TV Stand with Drawers, Cinnamon Cherry
  • Tv Up To 46 Inch
  • 41.6 x 16.1 x 24.1 inches
  • 433stars

Buying guide for TV stands

There exist different types of Good Value TV stand for 32 inch TV in the market. Some are made of wood, and others are made of metal or glass. Some are corner TV stands which are designed for those small rooms, but others are quite large so they should be placed in a capacious living room. Some are of a classical style and others may be modern and trendy. It’s all up to your taste and the style of your decoration of your home. A TV stand for 32 inch TV won’t cost you too much; the price varies from 80 dollars to 200 dollars. You will find the one which has the most affordable price for you.

Products review:Top 3 TV Stands For 32 Inch TV

Best Tall tv stand for 32 inch tv: Sauder Edge Water Highboy TV Stand

Best Tall tv stand for 32 inch tv

Have you ever think about that 200 dollars is enough for the best TV stand for 32 inch TV? Here comes our star product which has outstanding appearance, affordable price, solid quality and amazing stability. It’s designed for all sizes of rooms and it can support TVs less than 70 pounds.

  1. This stand can hold TVs weighing less than 70 pounds whose base is no larger than 44.5 Inches
  2. It’s equipped with four drawers with safety stops and metal runners, which allows you to store more things
  3. Two adjustable shelves make sure the easier use
  4. Patented T-lock assembly guarantees the solid quality and structure.
  5. This product measures 44.625 Inch wide, 17.5 Inch deep and 30.875 Inch tall, it’s not too large for a normal size room
  6. You can also enjoy a 5-year manufacturer warranty, which shows the high quality of product
  7. The classical style and the noble black will manifest your unique taste and it’s easy to go with your other furniture.


  1. Stability and Construction: 4/5
  2. Appearance: 4/5
  3. Functionality: 4/5
  4. Value: 5/5
  5. Ease of assembly: 3/5

What Customers Said This 32 inch Tv Stand

People find it’s good to use and the 32 inch TV can be placed on it with all the devices. Besides, there’s also some space for other sundries. It’s high enough for those who like to watch TV in bad. But someone complains about the mislabeled parts when they put them up. In a word, it’s an affordable TV stand which is so useful.

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Best corner TV stand for 32 inch TV: Sauder Harvest Mill Entertainment Corner Stand

  1. Best corner TV stand for 32 inch TVThis TV stand is quite solid and it can hold a TV up to 37 inches.
  2. It’s equipped with four adjustable shelves which make the use easier and more convenient.
  3. If you want more storing area, this stand will satisfy you, because of its hidden storage behind doors
  4. This TV stand measure 29″ high x 19″ deep x 36″ wide, so it’s quite easy to fit the corner of your small room.


  • .Stability and Construction: 4/5
  • Appearance: 3/5
  • Functionality: 3/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Ease of assembly: 4/5

What Customers Said This 32 inch Tv Stand

It’s quite a bargain to spend only 100 dollars to buy such a useful corner TV stand.It’s mini but solid, so it can fit well with your corner and it can hold a heavy TV under 37 inches. Someone says that it’s too heavy and others say that it doesn’t have an amazing appearance. But in a word, it’s the most affordable corner TV stand for 32 inch TV for a limited space.

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Best cheap TV Stand for 32/48/60 Inch TV: Altra Carson 48-Inch TV Stand

  1. Best cheap TV Stand for 32/48/60 Inch TVIt can accommodate up to 50-Inch flat panel TV, so you don’t need to worry when you put your 32 inch TV on it.
  2. Equipped with those open shelf stores av components, this TV stand can store lots of things and it has an amazing appearance.
  3. It also has doors to hide your gaming equipment and DVDs, for examplePlayStation, X-BOX, all Gaming Gear, so you’ll have enough space to store some sundries
  4. Made of solid wood and Sturdy Metal Frame, this product is of high quality
  5. H x W x L: 20.50 inches x 48 inches x 16 inches, it will be suitable for your large living room


  • Stability and Construction: 3/5
  • Appearance: 4/5
  • Functionality: 4/5
  • Value: 4/5
  • Ease of assembly: 3/5

What Customers Said This 48 inch Tv Stand

People find it a cool TV stand which can even hold a 55 inch Samsung TV perfectly. It goes with all kinds of style of decoration. It’s solid but cheap, but someonecomplains on the quality of doors. And if you have assembled furniture before, itwon’t bother you too much to set it up. In a word, it’s worthy to spend 89 dollars for it.

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Material and style

All of them are mainly made of wood; except for the third one has a metal frame which may contributes to its good quality and stability. As to the style, the first one and the second one look modern because of the color, black, while the second one looks more classical.


The first one and the second one take less space, while the third one is quite roomy but cool. If you prefer a corner TV stand, you can take a look at the second one which is mini and can fit to the corner. All of them have the store area with doors for storing things.


They won’t cost you too much. The first one is the most expensive, 201 dollars, with the highest quality and reputation. And the second one cost 112 dollars. If you have a tight budget, you can take the third one which is only 89 dollars on Amazon.

To finish

As for the best TV stand for 32 inch TV, I will highly recommend you to buy the first one. Since the TV stand is a piece of furniture which belongs to durable goods, I think that we should pick a durable one with a perfect quality. If this article can’t satisfy you, you can read other article in our website to help you to choose your favorite TV stand.

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