The positioning of your Television makes a focus for the home theater and definately will have an effect on the selection of furniture for the room. Tv mounts are made particularly to hold the weight of LCD or plasma TVs in fixed or adaptable positions. The following wall mounted tv stand purchasing guide will help show the choices you have for mounting flat-panel tvs for an optimal viewing expertise.

Kinds of Wall Mount TV Stand

Low-profile:This can be the most basic, most cost effective TV wall mount. Fundamentally, it is a basic metal frame having two upright posts or a plate in which your flat-screen Tv set attaches. These types of thin-profile mounts might extend merely one inch from your wall. This Television mount doesn’t pan, tilt or rotate; it merely holds the flat-screen tv directly on your wall just like a image frame.

Tilt: Tilting Television mounts have to extend far away from the wall (typically two to four ins) to fit the tilting mechanism. Tilt TV wall-mounts usually move the display screen five to fifteen degrees down or up, with locking components to freeze your Television at the preferred angle. These types of TV mounts are amazing in case the Television is mounted high on a wall over the sitting area.

Swivel: Swivel Television mounts pan side to side and can also tilt down and up. Construction designs vary, occasionally including a support arm with a number of joints. A good articulating swivel TV-mount are able to extend the television from the wall and switch the display screen over 180 degrees horizontally.

Ceiling mount tv stand:

Ceiling TV wall-mounts are designed to maintain either an Hd tv or a home entertainment projector. You can make use of a ceiling mount when you’d like it located away from a wall or in a situation where wall-mounting might be awkward.

Platform mounted tv stand:

Platform TV wall-mounts are utilized mainly for CRT tvs. This TV set sits on a shelf or platform, which is atop the services arm attached to the wall or ceiling. These types of Television mounts may also be made with several shelves, holding a Television along with a DVD player or cable box.

Flip-down or under-cabinet mounted tv stand:

Intended for really small tv sets first created for kitchen area use, under-cabinet Television mounts are likewise valuable in dorm rooms, workplace cubicles or elsewhere where space is extremely limited. They put on the underside of cabinets, making it possible for your Television set to flip out of the way when not being used.

Wall-mounted TV Stand Set up

Look for a wall true stud. Flat-screen TVs are much lighter in weight compared to older CRT tvs or rear-screen projection Televisions, however they might rip out of the wall if not guaranteed to studs. You may have to pre-drill the holes, particularly if you have cement walls or walls with steel studs.

Secure the mount. As soon as your spot is picked and your holes are drilled, secure the television wall-mounted based on the recommendations. Based on your Television kind as well as the TV mount you’ve selected, the television might merely slip onto the mount or attach with an adapter plate.

Additional features on television wall mounts:

A lot of Television wall mounts include cable management systems to hide A/V cables running between the Television and some other home entertainment components. Cable management could make certain your flat-screen set up seems excellent, without any annoying wires between your entertainment center as well as the TV wall mount.

Black Altus Plus 58″ Floating Wall Mount TV Stand

Best Cheap Wall Mounted TV Stand For Flat Screen TVLast weekend I went to visit my friend Megan, the moment I entered into her living room, I was attracted by her amazing video console. It was mounted on the wall making the room seem bigger than it used to be. So I decided to buy such wonderful furniture for my own house. After finding out where to get it, I can’t wait to go home and search it online. Now it has been set on my wall and I’m going to share some information about it with you.

The Good 

  • Any sized TV:no matter how large your panel plasma/LCD TV is, there’s no need to worry about whether this product will work for you. Because it just can!
  • Goes-with-everything black: the color of the console is black so that it can be adapt to whatever your living room looks like. What’s more, black will make a sense of tidy for visitors.
  • More storage space:all of your cable boxes, DVR or other media machines can be placed in the 15-inch deep main shelf and there’s also a lot of space to store your most watched blu-ray discs and any other thing you want.
  • Concealed cables:all the cables and wires are concealed neatly so that the console is made to be more professional and minimalist. Any height: thanks to the innovative hanging rail mounting system, you are able to install it at any height you want.

The Bad

  • Price:for most people the price is just affordable and some others may not. To solve this problem, the Amazon has offered a 16 per cent discount.

What Are People Saying About This Wall Mounted TV Stand

The console does well on hiding the DVD/TV/Cable wires away from the floor. I suggest you be prepared to have some time on mounting this on the wall for my husband had been bothered with a mistake on preparing his mounting screws.

The console looks perfect on my wall and everything went fairly well from purchasing online to installing it on the wall. Nice product in nice price. 

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