Have you got a new TV for your home? Are you searching for the dreaming TV stand for it? Are you confused about how to choose a good TV stand among so many products in the market? If you’re searching for a corner TV stand for 60 inch TV, you have come to the right place.

A corner TV stand is designed for a small room and this article will show you some best-sellers with affordable price for a 60 inch TV. Generally speaking, it won’t take you too much to get a TV stand in such size.

In this article, I will also show you some basic points which should be paid attention to when you’re choosing a TV stand. Having done this job for a long time, I have experience on choosing a TV stand so you won’t want to miss this article which may help you to choose the best corner TV stand for 60 inch TV.

Comparison chart: Best Corner TV stands for 60 inch TV

Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV stand
  • Leick Westwood Corner TV Stand, 60-Inch
  • Accommodate TVs up to 60 inches
  • 20 x 56 x 25 inches
  • 433stars

WE Furniture Wood Corner TV Console, 58
  • WE Furniture Wood Corner TV Console, 58", Black
  • Tvs up to 60-inch
  • 16 x 58 x 24 inches
  • 433stars
Leick Black Hardwood Corner TV Stand
  • Leick Black Hardwood Corner TV Stand, 56-Inch
  • Accommodates TV Up to 60 Inch
  • 20 x 56 x 25 inches
  • 433stars
Leick 81386 Chocolate Cherry Corner TV Stand
  • Leick 81386 Chocolate Cherry Corner TV Stand
  • Tv Up To 60 Inch
  • 20 x 56 x 25 inches
  • 433stars

For TV lovers, a good TV stand is also important. It should be good to look and cheap to buy. What’s more, it should also match your room size, the decoration of your room and the style of your TV. All the products below performance well and they have good reputation among users. You don’t need to worry about the authenticityand the timeliness of this article, I’m sure that it offers you the latest news.

Buying Guide:Top 3 Corner TV stands for 60 inch TV

There exist so many different types of TV stands in the market. We can classify those TV stand according to their style, their material and their design. In this article, we’ll focus on corner TV stands which are designed as right triangles. So it can be installed into a corner against both walls. There are also different types of corner TV stands, for example the Platform TV stands or console TV stands. And it can be made of wood, metal or even glass. You can also choose the one which has a special design, for example the modern one, the classic one or a rustic one. You’d better pay attention to the size of your TV and the stand in order that you can place the TV on it. After reading the product introductions, you’d better check the reviews of users to find out that if it’s as good as it describes.

In-depth Reviews:Top 3 Corner TV stands for 60 inch TV

Leick Westwood Corner 60-Inch TV Stand

Best TV stand for 60 inch TVThis product is quite solid and sturdy because of the material, cherry hardwood. It’swell designed and you’ll fall in love with its traditional appearance. Even if it spends 417 dollars, it has better quality and solider performance. It’s a bargain to get such a TV stand with such good quality.

  1. 1.This corner stand is designed for space saving and it can hold a TV up to 60″
  2. 2.There’s one adjustable shelf behind each door which is designed for storing electronics and media
  3. 3.It’s made of solid cherry hardwood with birch wood veneers
  4. 4.It has large storage area which is covered by tempered glass doors


  1. Stability and Construction: 4/5
  2. Appearance: 3/5
  3. Functionality: 4/5
  4. Value: 3/5
  5. Ease of assembly: 4/5

Reviews of users

This TV stand is quite sturdy and solid because of the perfect wood material. What’smore, it can hold large TV perfectly. People find it easy to set up but it’s quite heavy to move. But people complain on the high price, that’s why it doesn’t sell as well as the former.

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Sauder Harbor View in Antiqued Paint Corner TV Stand

Best corner TV stands for 60 inch TVThis kind of TV stand is made for those living rooms or rooms with limit space. This product is of high cost performance; it only cost 190 dollars. It’s well made in wood and it’s antiqued painted which makes its appearance special and different from others. It’s solid enough for normal TV so you don’t need to worry about it. Let’s take a closer look at its introduction.

  1. It can hold TV weighing 135lbs or less which is big enough for daily use
  2. The base of TV should be no larger than 61 3/8″
  3. It has 2 adjustable corner display shelves which can match easily the place where you want to place it
  4. It’s also equipped also with grommet hole for cord management
  5. The outstanding appearance is antiqued paint which is quite stylish and beautiful.


  1. Stability and Construction: 4/5
  2. Appearance: 4/5
  3. Functionality: 4/5
  4. Value: 5/5
  5. Ease of assembly: 3/5

Reviews of users

Users are quite satisfied with this corner TV stand because of its special appearance and solid quality. Someone puts his 65inches TV on it and it’s perfectly placed. Youdon’t need to worry about this sturdy stand. But it’s too heavy and difficult to put up.

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TransDeco 65-Inch TV Stand with Universal Mounting System

  1. Best corner tv stand with mountIt can hold most of the 35″-60″ LCD/LED and plasma TV less than 150 lbs
  2. With 15° swivel left or right and 12° tilt up or down, the universal flat panel mounting system makes sure that your TV is well placed.
  3. If you need a large TV stand which can hold more devices, this is a good choice. It’s designed for a center channel speaker and at least 2 audio video components
  4. It’s modernly designed; its cool appearance will amaze you. It’s made of tempered safety glass and scratch resistant metal


  1. Stability and Construction: 4/5
  2. Appearance: 4/5
  3. Functionality: 4/5
  4. Value: 4/5
  5. Ease of assembly: 4/5

Review of users

The metal and the glass are of high quality, besides, its appearance is quite different from the formers. Users have tried 55 inches TV and 60 inches TV and they are all firmly placed. If you don’t like those products which are difficult to set up, this product will please you. What’s more, it cost about 300 dollars. But there’s some problems on load-bearing cross beam.

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The first one is made of sturdy wood, and the second one is made of cherry hardwood which is more durable than the former. Besides, the third one is made of metal and glass which are more modern and stylish


The first one is the most ordinary one with 2 adjustable corner display shelves. It can hold a TV less than 135 lbs. Even though it isn’t special, it’s enough for a small living room. The second one has a good appearance and it can also hold a 60 inch TV. It has more space for storing things compared to the former. The third one is different from the formers on appearance and structures. The universal flat panel mounting system makes sure that it can hold heavier TV with more space for other devices.


The first one has the most affordable and attractive price, while the second one is too expensive. In my opinion, we don’t need to buy a TV stand which is more expensive than your TV. So, the one with a reasonable price it the best choice.


Buying a TV is not an easy job, so choosing a corner TV stand which can hold you TV and match your room is not easy either. The first product has the most reasonable price and good quality, so it may be the best choice for you with a tight budget. If you want to buy other types of TV stand, you can read other articles of our website. Ihope that they can lead you to your favorite corner TV stand for 60 inch tv.

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