Best TV Stand (Overall Guide Of 2017)-Presently there are a few fundamental steps which a purchaser can take when picking a TV stand to buy.

4 Steps Helping You Find The Best TV Stand

Step 1: Set a Price range

You ought to first set a spending budget for the buy prior to taking a look at any kind of TV stands. One of the aspects which most plays a role in purchaser’s remorse is failure to stick to a spending budget. Setting a right budget for the buy from the beginning will maintain the customer from paying outside her / his financial means.

Step 2: Take Measurements

It is very essential that the TV stand bought matches well in the house or office it’s designed for. You will find 2 sets of measurements which are essential: the tv’s proportions and the allotted room space measurements.

Television Measurements

You will find several measurements that ought to be taken from the tv prior to you buying a stand for it. Start by measuring the display screen from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. This particular measurement, taken on the screen’s diagonal, could be the base Television measurement. For instance, a TV which is marketed as a 46 inch lcd screen will probably calculate fouthy-six inches from corner to corner. Numerous wall mount brackets will make use of this measurement to clarify what size Televisions they are made for.

Following, measure the base of the Television. For modern flat-screen Televisions, this will be the width and length of the foot they get up on; for more mature tv sets, this will be the width and length of the Televesion’s base. As a final point, look at the body of the tv set. Measure its height, width, and depth. These kinds of dimensions are important for armoires, enjoyment centers, or some other stand type where the tv really suits inside.

Space Measurements

Make use of masking tape to tape off the floor area and / or all the fence in which the Television stand will go. After that, utilize a measuring tape to calculate the measurements of that space. Ensure that you record the space’s height, width, depth, as well as length. This will likely make sure the TV stand bought doesn’t take up a lot of space in the room.

Step 3: Pick a Material Type

Pick a material type depending on the decoration of the room. What material the Television stand is made of ought to be determined by personal desire as well as visual appeal within the space. Materials kinds to look at are wood, glass, as well as metal. If contemplating a metal Television stand, pick a color. If thinking about wood, go with a stain or wood grain prior to starting to buy.

Step 4: Pick a TV Stand Type

Pick a TV stand type according to the space which it will be set up in and the person requirements of the customers. Credenzas, hutches, platforms, as well as wall mounts are some of the most typical TV stand types, but other more customized choices are available too.

8 TV Stand Types You May Like

TV Hutch

Provides a number of storage area features, which differ from style to style; all hutches possess shutting doors that hide the TV away

Best Uses:Basic living rooms, or rooms centered around a few feature other than the television; well suited for living spaces with a fireplace

Entertainment Center TV Stand

: Includes separate shelf space for the tv, video gaming center, DVD player as well as other media; not like the hutch, the entertainment center doesn’t have doors which enclose the tv itself

Best Uses:A big living room or a home having a wide selection of media hookups leading to the television


Much like an entertainment center; hardly ever over 30 inches tall; usually features drawers or doors having storage space which is enclosed and appears much like a dining room buffet set

Best Uses:Good for individuals enthusiastic about maintaining their tv set at eye level

Platform TV Stand

Much like a credenza with no side or back; usually produced from metal or glass and also have a pretty modern, smart look

Best Uses:Great in modern houses; well matched to both family room and bed room Television set-ups

Corner TV Stand:

Generally either credenza or platform design; built-in; triangular to suit into a room’s corner

Best Uses:Nicely matched to bedrooms having limited space

Mobile TV Stand:

Generally tall, slim credenza-style Tv stands having wheels; created for tvs which require to be moved from room to room with a few frequency

Best Uses Well suited for use in the university setting, being a company training aid, or any other business-related settings

Mounting Brackets:

Built to hang up a tv from the wall; can be utilized to mount modern-day plasma as well as flat-screen tvs

Best Uses :Well suited for areas having small space or modern day homes where wall mounting is more suitable; additionally well suited for situations where a plethora of audiences are present, such as dining places as well as sports bars

Video Dresser:

Tvs, DVD gamers, as well as other media pieces are placed over the dresser; drawers are utilized as storage space for videos, games, gaming devices, and much more

Best Uses :Bed room or living room with simple décor

Purchasing a TV Stand on Amazon

After setting a price point, measuring, and picking a fundamental style for the tv stand, get thinking about features. Features to take into account include storage space, organization, screen tilt, and a lot more. With all of this in your mind, it’s time for you to start looking at a few specific models on eBay.

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