Best TV Stands For 55 inch TV In 2017

What will you do after getting the television of your dreams? The majority of people will go with the choice of picking up a perfect TV stand and so would I. Just in case you are one of those people who find it difficult to tell the difference between similar TV stands, then you are lucky enough to find this Comparison Guide:Best TV Stands For 55 inch TV In 2017  because it will save you large quantity of time to sum up all the information. However you can read it right now at home without any second thoughts.

So trust my analysis about those top rated tv stand for 55 Inch TV and let’s get this journey started!

Black Friday’S Best Deals;Find The Best TV Stand for 55 inch tv

 Comparison chart:Best TV Stands For 55 inch TV In 2017

As televisions are getting thinner and wider these days, the furniture that along with it are getting improved as well. You can tell the obvious difference between old time TV stand and fashion stand right now. Despite the differences from outside, the inside performance also changed a lot.

Cheap tv stand for 70 inch tv
  • WE Furniture Wood TV Stand, 58-Inch
  • Accommodates TV Up to 60 Inch
  • 58 x 16 x 24 inches
  • 433stars
Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV stand
  • Sauder Harbor View Entertainment Credenza,
  • Tv Up To 63 Inch
  • 62.6 x 20.9 x 25.4 inches
  • 433stars
Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV stand
  • Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV Component Bench
  • Tvs up to 64-inch
  • 15.8 x 60 x 19.8 inches
  • 433stars
Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV stand
  • 58" Wood TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Insert
  • Accommodate TVs up to 60 inches
  • 16 x 58 x 25 inches
  • 433stars

The latest trends for the TV stand picking

Wood TV stands VS metal or glass TV stands

Normally speaking, the wood one may leave us with old-fashion impressions while a metal or glass one stands for modern lives. Everybody has its different taste and you should pick the style that fits your expectations most. In the meanwhile you should know that solid wood is much more expensive than the other one and lighter. But metal or glass one may last much longer and stronger.

Platform TV stands VS corner TV stands

For most of the small living rooms, corner TV stands may count as a savior. The corner stands can fit into both walls using the right triangles which mean that you can save a lot of unproductive space. However on the contrary, the platform TV sand is designed with many shelves and uprights. Instead of saving space, it focuses more on the functions.

Top 5 best TV stand For 55 Inch TV I recommended for you

#1 WE Furniture Wood 58-Inch TV Stand (For 55 Inch TV)

WE Furniture Wood TV Stand For 55 inch TV

You should know the reason why I put this item at the first place is because that it fits all my expectations for a simple but modern living room. What strikes me most is that under the simple look this TV stand is so fully functional. You can see everything right through it which is four adjusting shelves. No need to open the drawer to see what’s in it and the high-grade MDF made finish can last for a very long time. There are several available colors for you to choose from and I think that everyone who adores a simple construction will find their perfect choice from these.


  • accommodates up to 60 inch TVs
  • several adjusting shelves provide you with enough storage space for devices
  • extra added stability system which maintains in a stable shape
  • easy to assemble by the book and can totally be done by one person
  • environmentally friendly and solid material

Reasons to buy

  • This one is great quality if you take the price under consideration. You will not get such a great piece of work like this but only under 140 dollars which is definitely a great bargain after discount.
  • This TV stand FOR 55 INCH TV has a cable management system which allows you to keep everything in order.
  • The shipment you get is ready to put together just following with the easy-to-read instructions.

Customer review

I have no idea that I can get such goodfurniture at this low price. Probably be the best purchase I have ever had on the Amazon. The driftwood color is fantastic and it suits with my living room very well.

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Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand for 55 Inch TV Reviews

TV Stand for 55 Inch TV The newly designed Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand is on the market now. This is one of the best TV stand for 55 inch TV set. The main color of this TV stand is Antiqued Paint. The adjustable shelves are one eye-catching feature for the customers. The adjustable shelves are very convenient for the storage of your staff and it really could make the room cleaner. And the wide accommodation of the stand could guarantee the capability of the TV set. The quality of the product is also of no problem; Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand offers you the good material with long lifetime. You deserve it!


Wide accommodation: Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand gives a wide accommodation for most TV sets. The max weight of the TV set is up to 135 lbs. The normal dimension for a TV could is around 100 lbs so the product is suitable for your general needs. It covers the normal TV product from the whole market.

Adjustable shelves: The product provides the adjustable shelves for your needs. The shelves could move up and they could also move down for inches. This function is so useful when you want to find the best place for the shelves. And you could easily manipulate the shelves on your own.

Beautiful antiqued paint finish: This TV stand for 55 Inch TV offers you high level of the type of finish. You could have the antiqued paint finish with the feature of good outlook and beautiful shape. Moreover, the finish is of great quality that lasts long.


Assembly demands: This product isn’t constructed already when it’s shipped for you. One critical thing is that you will need to do the assembly work simply by yourself.


This is the very nice electric Fireplace TV stand that I have for my living room. I surely love this TV stand because the quality is guaranteed and the outlook and the shape of the product is of high level. The instructions are the best compared with other products.

I just order a 55 inch TV and I am looking for a suitable stand for it. The Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand really attracts me the first sight I see it. The beautiful antiqued paint finish is so coordinate with other furniture in my room. Every piece of the stand is so nice.

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Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV Component Bench for 55 Inch TV

Sonax WB-2609 West Lake tv stand for 55 inch tv

If you are looking for a TV stand which looks big enough for storage and won’t seems so clumsy, then this maybe the one for you. This beautiful combination stand is a combination of open and concealed space. You can see the stand is divided into three parts and in each part you can classify as you like. With MDF board built to enhance the stability and strength, the stand is much stronger to hold things.

Price analysis

This TV stand FOR 55 INCH TV has two colors which are all at a very low price . The black one is at around 140 dollars and the brown one is around 150 dollars. Anyway, the price is quite affordable for most of the families.

Customer review

When I put the stand on my carpet and then put my TV on it, I know I’ve made the right choice. It was a perfect match with its large storage room and perfect condition. I can’t be more pleased with it.

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#3 Simpli Home Artisan TV Stand For 55 Inch tv


If your budget isn’t very low and you prefer a higher TV stand, I would recommend you to buy this piece of work totally. As you can see, the stand is almost like a big cabinet including two central drawers, two shelves and two side glass doors. So there is absolutely no need to worry about storing your devices. In the meantime, the Artisan look gives your room a cover of traditional taste.

Price analysis

This cheap tv stand for 55 inch tv is at its special discount right now and it provides with a lot of discount which is about 300 dollar saved. So be fast if you want to get this bargain because there are only 3 left in stock now.

Customer review

The real wood smells like high quality and despite the big size I see no flaw on this piece of art. I don’t even use it like a TV stand, however I treat it more like a buffet.

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Sauder Harbor View Entertainment For 55 Inch TV


The Harbor View is quite good at making cozy and easy-going room style furniture. I think the feeling of warmness maybe the most important reason why I recommend this to you. The weight of this TV stand is not low but stable enough to hold TVs up to 62 inch. Two adjustable shelves and a two louver detailed dooroffers generous space for your equipment and devices. Plus, it is a combination of hard wood and soft wood.

Price analysis

You see this item saves you about 80 dollars which is quite a lot consider the former price is under 200 dollars. Compared to the other TV stand at this quality, I think what you’re looking at is maybe the cheapest one.

Customer review

I choose the antique white color not only because it caused me 20 dollars less but for the good customer review I read online. Surprisingly, the stand fits with my daughter’s room perfectly just like a princess’s entertainment.

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Prepac Altus Plus Wall Mounted TV Console For 55 inch tv

Prepac Altus Plus Wall Mounted TV Console FOR 55 INCH TV

I don’t think that anybody could resist such an adorable off-the-floor design. The stand is designed for flat TV which makes extra room underneath for storage. It is divided into three compartments and it is up to you to decide what function you want to make use of them. It is very sturdy and definitely won’t fall down unless with some external force. All in all, I think it would be a great choice for those who are tired of old-fashioned stands but want to show some creativity.

Price analysis

This modern type of product is a real bargain that only cost you for about 150 dollars which is quite low considers the fine quality. You can get a big discount now if you bought it on Amazon.

Customer review

To be honest, I’m very happy with this TV stand FOR 55 INCH TV myself because it looks so cool. The components are very easy to assemble and it save me some place for the floor.

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Best White TV Stand For 55 Inch TV Of 2017

white tv stand for 55 inch tv:The following you are going to get opportunity to see the White TV Stand For 55 Inch TV you will get an over-all thought of how to put your TV for a better movie theater experience. I believe can select your preferred Television stand which can satisfy all of your require.

Lots Of Lists:Don’t worry, Walmart are going to provide you with the very best white electric fireplace TV stand to assist you in getting a good entertainment center in your dedicated viewing room.

My recommendation

Don’t consider the picking of a TV stand FOR 55 Inch tv an afterward thing to do. If you take your whole room style and expectations into consideration with you, you will find it not so hard to pick a suitable TV stand. I personally recommend you to buy the first item if you’re under limited budget but also have high demandingness. Just some clicks of the mouth will take your lives’ living condition to a whole new level. So go and get it!